Measurement Services


Measurement Services

  • Dk, Df, Dielectric Constant, Loss Tangent (Tan δ)
  • Complex Permeability (µ)
  • Complex Permittivity (ε)
  • Sigma (σ)
  • Reflectivity (S11), Return Loss
  • Transmission (S21), Insertion Loss and Phase

MuEpsln, LLC makes measurements (300 kHz to 70 GHz) of many materials such as laminates, resins, circuit boards, magrams, radomes, powders, liquids, gels, soils, etc. using cavity, coaxial, waveguide, and free space methods that are appropriate to the material and frequency range of interest.  Parameters include dielectric constant, loss tangent, conductivity, complex permeability, shielding effectiveness, insertion loss, return loss, sheet resistivity, etc.  In some cases measurements can be done from -100 to +150 degrees Celsius.  We can measure antenna patterns (0.5 to 26 GHz) (linear and circular polarization, axial ratio), VSWR, mutual coupling.  Our anechoic chamber can also be used to do RCS measurements of small targets (1 to 26 GHz).

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